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How to Find a Job in an Insurance Company

You have finally decided that you would like to work in an insurance company. The fact that you know where to work is already admirable. A lot of people take time before they figure out what they want. Some would even submit their CVs to companies that are not alike at all.

Some assume that to work in an insurance company you need to be an agent or a broker. There are non-sales positions that are available too. The moment that you secure a job like this, you will be able to have the career that you want. The thing is, you need to find a job in an insurance company. How are you going to do that?

Find Some Available Vacancies

Let us say that you have heard that General Insurance has some vacancies. You can take a look at the job positions that they are offering. There are also other companies that will advertise the job vacancies through their own website. There are also some online sites that will specify the companies that need new employees as well as the job positions available. This will definitely make your search easier.

There are some steps that you have to follow so that you can get the job that you have always wanted:

  •  You need to submit an online application form. The application forms will cover all of the information that companies need to know about you. There may be times when you need to answer personality type questionnaires too. The main purpose of this is to know if you would fit in with the company.
  •  If you pass the first step which is the online application forms, you will be asked by companies to go to interviews. The first-round interviews may be done in various places so you have to be prepared.
  •  If in case you make it past the initial interview, you would be asked to attend a final interview. This is when you can discuss more details about the job position that you are applying for, your potential salary, and all of your other concerns.

Some Main Graduate Positions in Insurance Companies

It will not be worth it to go through the process of being hired when you do not know what you are applying for. These are just some of the potential jobs that you may get:

  •  Underwriting – The underwriter will be in charge of checking if the client should be insured by General Insurance or the company that you are working for. The underwriter will also analyze what things the client can do in order to reduce the risks. This can be especially true when the company offers health insurance or car insurance.
  •  Claims – You will be in charge of checking what the client has lost and if the company should pay out the client. If yes, you should also analyze how much the company is going to pay out.
  •  Sales – This may be the most popular type of job that you will associate with insurance companies. You are in charge of knowing what your clients’ need and what they would like to see from the company. You will also create ideas that will be in line with what the customers expect.

There are some skills that insurance companies may require from you. It is best that you always put an effort into improving those skills to make you a great fit for the company.

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