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Career in Finance – Bank or Insurance Company?

The right career choice will lead you in the right direction but how will you pick when both possibilities seem to be amazing. You need to know now that both paths can provide you with job satisfaction. If you pick the right job, you are going to start having above-average salaries too especially when you compare it to what your peers are getting.

Sometimes, it is not just about the money though. You would like to have a job that can truly make you happy. You know what they say – when you are happy with the job that you are doing, it would not feel like you are working. This can be very helpful since you need to face the tasks that you are required to do at least five times a week.

The Working Hours

Working in a bank can be good or bad depending on what aspect of banking you would get into. If you want to get into investment banking, you can expect longer hours. If you are going to work in a bank, then you just have to work during bank hours. Even at entry-level, expect that there will be overtime several times a week.

If you would like to have a healthier work-life balance, working in an insurance company may be the better option for you at this point. You are going to work regular hours especially when you are just starting out. This gives you more time to be with your friends, your family members, and your loved ones. Just remember that when you start to work up the career ladder, you will be expected to work longer hours.

Potential Starting Salary

There are some people who work because they want to get more money. Who does not dream of being successful, right? The salary is one of the things that you should think about. Banks can provide you with higher salaries. If you believe that working in order to get the type of salary that you want is important, working in a bank can be great. Insurance companies do not give bad salaries though. In fact, they can still be considered high when compared to other professions.


You have to be smart when making the right choice. If there are banks or insurance companies near you, check them out. The nearer your workplace to your house, the better. Some people think that it is fun to live a bit far from their work but the daily commute will start to take a toll on them after some time.

Make things complicated by choosing companies with offices that are near where you live. If in case there are no good companies that you can work for nearby, you can always rent an apartment that is nearer the place where you are going to work. You do not want to add commuting to the stress that you are bound to experience.

Work Type

What are the entry-level tasks that you are expected to do? In banking, you will be expected to assist the senior employees. You may be asked to do some presentations from time to time too. If you would work in an insurance company, you can impress senior employees by being a great underwriter or doing some amazing sales pitches.

With all of the details that you have gathered so far, where do you think can you work better? The choice will always be up to you.

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